My Book‘The Music I Saw’

I am excited to let you know my photographic career book ‘The Music I Saw’ has been published.

It has been a thrill as well as a challenge to work through my archive of more than 50 years of photography, appreciating quite how many incredible people I have had the privilege to meet and photograph. Thankfully my Italian publisher, Lullabit, humoured me which allowed the book to expand from the planned 248 pages to a weighty tome of 350 pages.

The process brought back many amusing memories and I hope the anecdotes in the book offer a small window into the lives and times of some of artists you will see in the book, both on and off stage.

The ‘Music I Saw’ will initially be available exclusively:
in the USA at PAUL SMITH, Greene Street, New York from April 12th

in the UK at PAUL SMITH, Floral Street, Covent Garden, London from mid-May

Online availability to be announced soon.